New build and property re-modelling

New Build or complete re-construction of the existing house requires more work and investment than simple refurbishment and addition of extension or loft conversion, but it is worth it! Building a new house or taking down an existing one and re-constructing it means that you can fully use your imagination and effectively you will end up with the property that reflects your own idea. This approach enables the comprehensive introduction of innovations and new technologies, which means that effectively such property will be more cost-effective energy-wise. Furthermore, that kind of undertaking is characterized by the lowest maintenance cost for many years to come, since everything is new. Also, you can be sure that wiring, appliances, plumbing and everything else will work perfectly because again – everything is new! City Builders YK possesses vast experience in New Builds and complete re-construction and re-modelling of existing properties.


Deciding to extend your house downwards is a big decision, but it is also the right one. The possibilities of increasing property value and adding a lot of extra space are beyond significant. Basement jobs consist of a vast amount of temporary support and reinforcing works, it is therefore paramount to choose the right, experienced and professional contractor to execute such project. Our highly skilled staff has necessary knowledge and experience of structural alterations, underpinning, reinforced underpinning, excavation and disposal, underground drainage systems, pumping systems, and membrane tanking systems. In short, we are fully equipped to complete your basement for you in a professional and efficient manner.

2. Basement
3. House Extension

House extensions

Whether you are in need of enlarging your kitchen, living or dining room, or your house is in need of an additional room, City Builders YK is the way to go. There are multiple types of house extensions and City Builders YK can help you with any of them. We are proficient in extending house footage in whatever way required. Our friendly staff is fully equipped to take your project from the start to completion in a prompt, skilled and hassle-free manner.

Loft conversions

Adding additional floors to your house sounds like a good idea, and this is because it is one. Single or multi-floor loft conversion adds a significant amount of floor space and it is a great way of adjusting your home to a growing family or simply adding extra bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate your needs. It also helps to increase the overall value of the house in case you end up selling the property in the future. Whichever loft conversion you have in mind, simple dormer or adding multi-storeys to your property, City Builders YK can and would be delighted to build it for you.

4. Loft Conversion
5. Property refurbishments

Property refurbishments

The quality of our plaster-work, joinery and decoration is top rate. Our professionals have decades of experience in their respective fields, which, coupled with the high-quality products we use, allow us to provide the highest standard of refurbishments to our clients. Having your home refurbished has a serious positive impact on general life satisfaction and comfort, but it also improves your property value, just something to keep in mind in case you would consider selling it at some point in the future.


The kitchen has a unique function in every home. It is a place where everyone spends time every day and so its overall feeling, atmosphere, design and features are without a doubt of much importance. Some people prefer modern kitchens, whereas others like this particular room to have an antique, classy feeling to it. Whatever your preference is, City Builders YK is the right choice to create just the kitchen you have imagined. Our kitchen fitters are skilled, experienced and attentive to each smallest detail. More importantly, however, here in City Builders YK, our ultimate goal is your 100% pure satisfaction and we never provide anything less than spectacular.

6. Kitchens
7. Bathrooms


Whether you are looking for a deeply bespoke, or simply useful but high-quality bathroom – we are able, equipped and happy to help. Our bathroom fitters have no equal. We also work with the best sanitaryware and tiles suppliers, being able to recommend for you the most suitable products and also help you with their procurement. Please take a look at our gallery for some photos of bathrooms we have done for our Clients. You can count on us to complete your bathroom in a prompt, professional and, most importantly, quality-focused manner.


City Builders YK carries out a full spectrum of electrical works, always providing Electrical Certificate at completion. Our services range from full property rewiring to the installation of new electrical rings, fuse boards, AOV’s, fire alarms, electrical underfloor heating, heat and smoke detectors, sockets, switches and lighting.

8. Electrics
9. Heating and plumbing

Heating and plumbing

We install water underfloor heating systems, boilers, radiators, water tanks, water softeners, kitchen hobs and everything else one can require. All gas related works are always carried out by Gas Safe registered plumbers and you can expect us to provide Gas Safe Certificate upon completion of such works in each instance. We understand the importance of having heating and plumbing works done in an absolutely safe and fully professional way and so with us, you can only look forward to receiving the perfectly executed outcome of the highest quality.