Bathroom wall niches

When planning a new bathroom or shower room, it is a good idea to think of these small, nice looking shelves in the wall, which could be a part of it. These small in-wall shelves, called wall niches, not only often entirely eliminate the need for boring, old-school shelves for your shampoos, cosmetics and such, but also help to create a special and unique feeling of the room.

It comes with a cost, however. And by cost we mean not only higher quote from your contractor for bathroom incorporating such wall niches, but also loss of space – creation of wall niches requires corresponding partition wall/walls to be made thicker or, if the niches are to be on external wall, a stud partition structure likely needs to be added to the actual wall, so incorporation of in-wall shelves could be carried out.

The question is therefore as follows – are you able and willing to sacrifice a bit of square footage of your bathroom/shower room in order to make it stand out, be more functional and original? There is no good or bad answer, just personal preference. That being said, it is hard to deny that bathroom wall niches look lovely without a question.