Shell Only Construction – what does it involve?

Besides usual full scope construction services, when a professional contractor will complete your project from start to finish, you can also come across the term ‘shell only service’. This option allows you to transfer the management of a high-risk part of the build to a trusted trader and then take things from there. Choosing this route ensures safe construction of your home’s structure, but at the same time, you have control of the non-structural work that you feel comfortable handling yourself.

The elements that are typically passed on to your chosen contractor include:

  • underpinning
  • foundations
  • steelwork
  • external walls
  • roofs

The shell only construction will take your project to the stage where the structure is externally complete leaving a safe, watertight box. Structural shell is left unfinished, including sub-floor, partition walls, dry lining, electrical and plumbing works, leaving a wide scope of building works and fit-out to be carried out before the house is ready to be occupied. You can complete the rest in a more suitable time either by searching the market for a budget-oriented contractor or finish works yourself literally with your own hands.

This type of 2-phase approach naturally provides increased flexibility. It is an excellent option for homeowners interested in a cost-effective solution.