Wooden windows and PVC-U windows – which to choose?

When choosing the right type of windows for your house, you have to decide whether to go for PVC-U or wood. The choice may not be easy – especially because of many myths that grew over the years about certain types of windows. Many people believe in supremacy of PVC-U windows over timber ones. However, the reality looks different.



When it comes to glazing, double glazed windows are not only PVC-U ones, unlike many think. Timber windows can be double- or even triple glazed as well. That’s why you don’t have to limit yourself to the PVC-U choice if you want to have an energy efficient home. Windows with wooden frames will keep it warm too.


Many believe that wooden frames will rot quickly and easily, whereas the PVC-U ones will last them for a long time. The truth is – plastic windows will last without you making any effort in keeping them in good shape, as they are made from a non-corrosive material and they’re easier to clean, however timber windows can definitely outstand the lifespan of PVC-U windows and last twice their life if taken care of properly. In addition, plastic windows discolour easily in reaction with UV light (as the result of sun exposure) and cannot be repaired if broken. When it comes to wooden frames, you can easily paint them even whichever colour you like and repair them.


Because plastic windows cannot be repaired and they can react with sunlight which causes yellowish discolorations on the frames, with time they may start to look really ugly. Wooden windows can easily add not only charm to your house, but also a value. In conservation areas, replacing timber windows with PVC-U windows is one of the factors causing the loss of value of the property. If you want, you can of course buy plastic windows that are meant to look like those timber ones, but you can still see they’re not real wooden frames. Moreover, the top layer on wooden-like PVC-U frames can start to come off with time which makes them look even worse.


Many times the most decisive factor when choosing windows for your home is of course the price. Without a doubt PVC-U windows are much cheaper than those with wooden frames. You are paying for an artificial material and not a natural one, so the low price shouldn’t be surprising. By choosing the cheapest option, you must remember however that you will have to replace them much sooner than more expensive wooden windows which can be considered as disadvantage.


Over the past years, people started caring for environment more and more, because of the gradual degradation of our planet. Almost everytime if you want to live ecologically, you have to spend more money on things that allow you to do so. The same is with windows – those with timber frames, although more expensive, are definitely much better for environment that PVC-U ones. Not only the process of making wooden windows is ecological – because the frames are made from fully natural and biodegradable material, it makes recycling them very easy. When it comes to plastic windows, the situation is of course much different. You technically can recycle them, but they are obviously not biodegradable. The making process also causes pollution. So, if you want to go for a choice that is better for environment, the answer is simple: wood.


We hope this article could answer some of your possible questions about those two primary types of windows. Based on all information, you can clearly see that wooden windows can be a better option for your home – in each category they outperform PVC-U windows. Even pricewise, on the long run timber windows are simply a better choice as they are an investment for years, unlike plastic windows that you can get much cheaper, but replace them much sooner. Everything depends on your needs and current budget.